15+ Slang Words For Yummy (And Other Related Words)

Everyone wants to eat yummy food whether it's your mom's cooking, a local diner, or your favorite street food vendor. Wanna learn new slang words to use that are related to yummy? Read further to learn more!

Slang Words for Yummy (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A critic review rating for businesses in the hospitality trade, such as restaurants and hotels. Calling one’s food 5-star means it's topnotch.
  • Example: Thank you for the yummy kimchi stew Mrs. Kim. It’s definitely 5-star.



  • (Verb) To produce a loud burp after a satisfying meal. 
  • Example: Because he had a fuss earlier with his mother, Matthew told her the yummy food tasted bad. However, his belch said otherwise.



  • (Noun) A dining place filled with a lot of food with the customer empowered to pick, choose, and eat to his fill at a fixed price.. 
  • Example: Carson is not eating lunch today because Minnie is supposed to treat her to a yummy buffet for dinner.

Chef’s Kiss


  • (Idiom) An expression meaning that the food served can even make a master chef smack his lips to taste the fulness of the food.
  • Example: Ben doesn’t usually eat Mexican food but when he tasted my grandma’s pozole, he swore it was the best and gave it a chef’s kiss.



  • (Adjective) A shortened term for “delicious”, delish still means the same but makes you sound trendy.
  • Example: The lasagna was totally delish: very creamy and tasty.

Finger Licking


  • (Idiom) An expression that exaggerates how food is so flavorful, you want to lick your fingers for it, made popular by KFC.
  • Example: Those barbecue wings are so finger licking Mrs. Robinson! I would love to know the recipe.

Fit for a King or Queen


  • (Idiom) A meal that is great in quantity and quality befitting for a king or queen.

  • Example: On our first morning as husband and wife, Edward made me a breakfast fit for a queen.

Full Course


  • (Noun) A full course meal has the full fancy restaurant experience consisting of soup, appetizers, main course, and dessert.
  • Example: Angelina is treated to a yummy full course meal by her date. She had to study all the utensils the day before.

Melts in the Mouth


  • (Verb) A food so delicately made it can easily be chewed on; hence, the “melting” sensation in one’s mouth.
  • Example: The beef wellington was so well done it just melts in the mouth.



  • (Adjective) A British slang for anything delectable.
  • Example: These moreish cookies will definitely be given out to the kids tomorrow.



  • (Adjective) Another British slang for flavorful food. 
  • Example: The scrummy truffle mac and cheese was well-received during the family get-together.



  • (Idiom) Taken from sports like boxing that need a second round, a second round during the meal is to take another serving of the same food. 
  • Example: Very few guests showed up so everyone had seconds at the buffet.

Square Meal


  • (Noun) A filling and savory meal.

  • Example: As if a square meal is not enough, Filipino party hosts pack you tons of party food.



  • (Adjective)Tempting and delicious in taste.

  • Example: Joy avoids toothsome food since she is on a diet. 



  • (Adjective) With no English equivalent, Umami is the universally accepted term for generally flavorful food that appeals to one’s taste buds. 
  • Example: The risotto had that rich, umami flavor. Everything about is just yummy.

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