15+ Slang Words For Zipper (And How To Use Them)

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Zippers secure your clothing. You save a lot of time and hassle while wearing more stylish clothes because of these tiny workers. Show them some love by reading on for more zipper slang terms.

Slang Words for Zippers (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A #10 zipper means zippers that have 10 millimeter long teeth.
  • Example: The tailor asked me to buy 100 pieces #10s for my order. 

Clasp locker


  • (Noun) Before the zipper reached the design we know today, it was first patented as the clasp locker.
  • Example: The slang for zippers by Victorian era users were clasp lockers.



  • (Adjective) Zippers that have definite end points in design.
  • Example: The closed-end zipper secured the skirt quite nicely.



  • (Adjective) A single zipper with two heads that meet. This is the type of zipper usually seen in school bags.. 
  • Example: Double-slide zippers are great for ease of opening and closing of bags. No wonder this is the design for elementary school bags.

Hookless Fastener


  • (Noun) Among the first designs of the zipper that is curvy and sharped when fastened.
  • Example: Because hookless fasteners had pointy ends, they immediately went out of style when zippers started rolling out. 

Invisible Zipper


  • (Noun) A zipper sewn underneath so that only the zipper’s head and teeth are seen at the exterior.
  • Example: Dresses with back zippers are typically secured with invisible zippers.

Key lock


  • (Noun) A zipper that requires a key so that its head and teeth can be moved.
  • Example: Michelle’s bag must have gold bars inside. She uses a key lock zipper for it.



  • (Adjective) Zippers whose endpoints can be fixed or opened for style. This is usually seen on zipper jackets.
  • Example: Good thing the jacket has open-end zippers. I’m already hot wearing it closed in.



  • (Noun) The head of the zipper that is pulled up or down.
  • Example: It’s a real hassle when sliders break. You have to pinch the zipper carefully to open or close it..



  • (Noun) The fabric to which the zipper is sewn. On garments with invisible zippers, this is the part sewn underneath.
  • Example: You have to sew the excess tape so that the zipper does not look messy on the apparel.



  • (Noun) These are the teeth-like structures that open and close in a zipper. They fit and snug at each other.
  • Example: As a child, Sheldon looked closely at how zippers fit quite nicely into each other when he closes and opens his bag zippers.

Zip up


  • (Verb) The British slang to make use of a zipper.
  • Example: Excuse me, sir. You might have forgotten to zip up.

Zip fastener


  • (Noun) The lengthy British slang word for zippers.
  • Example: People used to call them “zip fasteners” but settled in recent times with “zippers”.

Zipper art


  • (Noun) Art that makes use of the zipper design as a symbol of locking or unlocking..
  • Example: One distinct zipper art is the painting that portrays a zipper being pulled open to the universe.

Zipper war


  • (Noun) An economic war to open zipper markets to more zipper manufacturers than to the only company that sells more than half of the world’s zippers. 
  • Example: The zipper war has long been started but no one seems to be bothered about it. People can still have products with zippers without getting involved in the squabble.

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