15+ Slang Words For Zoloft (And How To Use Them)

Zoloft is among the most prescribed antidepressant drugs. It is one of the breakthrough medications for people diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. Because of how common this medication is, many slang words have come about to refer to it.

Learn more about Zoloft with the slang words below.

Slang Words for Zoloft (in Alphabetical Order)

A shot in the arm


  • (Noun) Zoloft can either be a pill or an injectable drug, hence this slang.
  • Example: Zoloft may be my last shot in the arm. I’ll be asking for it once this current medication does not prove effective.



  • (Noun) A generic term for all drugs that help decrease the symptoms of stress such as fatigue, sleepiness, and lack of energy, Zoloft included.
  • Example: Antidepressants work. Clinical trials and patient results back this up.



  • (Noun). A clinically prescribed support, solution, or supplement.
  • Example: Sheila thanks Zoloft for the boost she feels lately.

Dysphoric mood killer


  • (Noun): As an antidepressant, Zoloft "kills" one's dysphoric mood
  • Example: After two months of being on medication, Stefan has finally found a dysphoric mood killer through Zoloft.

Happy camper


  • (Noun) Someone who can go about life’s daily demands without restraint and illnesses. 
  • Example: My clinically depressed cousin is now a happy camper after being treated with Zoloft. 

Herbal health products


  • (Noun) Products made from organic-sourced components that claim to have the same effects as Zoloft.
  • Example: Herbal health products such as the ones from St. John’s wort claim to have antidepressant properties similar to that of Zoloft.

Improved health


  • (Noun) Having an increased level of health than previously observed.
  • Example: Along with taking the medication, people with anxiety and depression are given diet and exercise regimens to help improve their health.



  • (Noun) Those who take Zoloft are reported to have stark differences in mood and overall aura.
  • Example: Zoloft is a mood-shifter. Rather than being overwhelmed with anxiety right now, I can step back and look at the bigger picture.



  • (Noun) Treatment products or drugs.
  • Example: Zoloft is a medicament famous for its observable effects in depressed people.



  • (Verb) To quell depressive behaviors such as aggression, sleepiness, and more passive-aggressive behaviors. 
  • Example: Zoloft is credited for pacifying tense regions of the nervous system so that opposite effects can be noticeable.



  • (Noun) Something that betters mood and perspective.
  • Example: Although not immediate, the effects of Zoloft will soon be seen among people looking for a pick-me-up that will last quite a while.



  • (Noun) Drugs, products, or treatments signed and recommended by doctors.
  • Example: Zoloft is most appropriately a prescription drug. Even if it has no addictive components, overdosing on it may lead to complications.

Side effects


  • (Noun) Bodily reactions toward newly introduced drugs to the body..
  • Example: Zoloft’s side effects may include a weight gain and excessive sweating.



  • (Noun) All antidepressants are under this umbrella term of medication that stands for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. 
  • Example: SSRIs have to go through multiple clinical trials even before being released to the public.



  • (Noun) Medications that need to be gulped down by water or other beverages.
  • Example: Zoloft tablets are more popular than Zoloft injectables.

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