15+ Slang Words For Zonked (And How To Use Them)

Zonked is as funny as it sounds: when people get too tired just plop down, usually from having consumed too much alcohol. They plop down at bars, taverns, or hopefully their bed.

Down below is a list of slang words that are related to "getting zonked." Note that while this list is funny, alcoholism is not. So before reading the list, be reminded that alcohol should be consumed responsibly.

Slang Words for Zonked (in Alphabetical Order)

7 Spirits of Alcohol 


  • (Noun) This refers to the seven fundamental liquors from which all other mixes come from: tequila, gin, rum, vodka, brandy, mezcal, and whiskey. 
  • Example: I don't think I've ever had all 7 spirits in one night.

Bottom’s Up


  • (Idiom) To drink the shot or glass entirely.
  • Example: During team dinners, colleagues usually cheer each other up to drink their liquor bottom’s up. Then they would carry their zonked colleagues home.

Can’t Hold Their Drink


  • (Verb) Someone who is easily drunk even after just a few shots.
  • Example: He talked big about partying all night when everyone knew he couldn't hold his drink. There he is: zonked in the corner.

Drink Like a Fish


  • (Verb) To drink too much as if one was living under a sea of alcohol.
  • Example: Don’t let her angelic looks fool you, she drinks like a fish but never gets zonked. 

Drink Somebody Under the Table


  • (Verb) To drink more than somebody can usually as a friendly contest.  
  • Example: Person 1: How much can you drink? Person 2: More than you can. Person 1: I bet I can drink you under the table and I would never get zonked.

Hair of the Dog


  • (Noun) To drink a small amount of liquor in the morning in hopes to ease the headache caused by last night’s excessive drinking. This practice is believed to have originated from the early times to cure rabies. People used a strand of the dog’s hair (the one who bit) to create “potions” for rabies.
  • Example: A hair of the dog can help ease this throbbing pain in my head. I never would zonk out again.



  • (Noun) The head splitting pain that occurs the day after excessively drinking.
  • Example: I can’t remember the events last night. All I know is I zonked out and woke up now with a terrible hangover.  

Herbal High


  • (Noun) Lightheadedness caused by cannabis.
  • Example: The higher the herbal high, the deeper the zonk. 

Liquid Courage


  • (Noun) Loss of inhibitions causes someone to say things they wouldn't otherwise say sober.
  • Example: He knew he was about to zonk out but before he did, he mustered his peak liquid courage to confess his love to the bartender.

On the Rocks


  • (Noun) Iced liquor.
  • Example: Dear friendly bartender, I would like some tequila on the rocks please. If I zonk out, you know whom to call.

Passed Out


  • (Verb) To be unconscious from all the alcohol consumption
  • Example: She did not want to go home so she drank so much she passed out in the corner of the club. The waiter called her brother and brought her home still zonked out.

Pub Crawl


  • (Noun) This slang term is for hopping bar after bar for more drinks. 
  • Example: The happy three friends decided to pub crawl on their payday weekend without making plans what to do if they altogether zonked out..

Spiked Drink


  • (Noun) A drink laced with drugs usually unknown to the drinker.
  • Example:She did not know she was offered a spiked drink so she almost went inside a cab with a man she barely knew. Luckily, she was seen by a male friend and was quickly escorted home safely despite being zonked.



  • (Adjective) An informal slang to describe people under the influence of cannabis.
  • Example: You can't go to your grandma's birthday dinner if you're that stoned.



  • (Adjective) Someone who is extremely drunk.   
  • Example: He broke up with his girlfriend earlier so he drank away too much. It took three people to send him home totally wasted.

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