Spanish Words That Start With Ch (Top 15)

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If you’ve come a long way to learn Spanish, what is a little more, right? We listed the top 15 Spanish words that start with Ch so you can memorize these and use them in the future. Some of them are Spanish slang, so learn their definitions and examples below!

Spanish Words That Start With Ch (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) Chabola is the Spanish translation for “shack.”
  • Example: ¿Quieres ver la chobola que reconstruí?
  • English: Do you want to see the shack I rebuilt?



  • (Verb) Chachalaca is a colloquial Spanish word from Guatemala that means chatter.
  • Example: ¡Es la mitad de la noche! Pueden hacer la chachalaca el uno al otro mañana.
  • English: It’s the middle of the night! You can chatter each other’s ears off tomorrow.



  • (Noun) The Spanish word “chaleco” is translated to “vest” or “waistcoat” in English. 
  • Example: Este traje viene con un chaleco. ¿Quieres ver si te gusta la combinación?
  • English: This suit comes with a vest. Do you want to see if you’ll like the combination?



  • (Noun) Champagne can be translated to champaña in Spanish. 
  • Example: ¡Brindemos por esta promoción! Abriré una botella de champána.
  • English:  Let’s toast to this promotion! I’ll open a bottle of champagne.



  • (Noun) To scourge or stinge is translated to chamuscar in Spanish.
  • Example: ¿Chamuscaste mi vestido? Te dije que tuvieras mucho cuidado, ¿verdad?
  • English: Did you scourge my dress? I told you to be extra careful, right?



  • (Noun) The Spanish word “chapalear” means “lap” or “splash” in water.
  • Example: Voy a dar una chapalea alrededor de las partes poco profundas del lago.
  • English: I’ll just do a lap around the shallow parts of the lake.



  • (Verb) To splash around is translated to chapotear in Spanish.
  • Example: Puedes chapotear alrededor de la piscina, pero no vayas a la parte profunda.
  • English: You can splash around the pool, but don’t go to the deep part.



  • (Noun) Chícharo is the Spanish word for peas.
  • Example: Comí una bolsa de chícharo el otro día. ¿Donde esta ahora?
  • English: I had a bag of peas the other day. Where is it now?



  • (Noun) The English word “beer” is translated to “chela” in Spanish. 
  • Example: Tomaré una botella de chela y unas papas fritas.
  • English: I’ll have a bottle of beer and some chips.



  • (Noun) A chica or chico is the Spanish term for a girl and a boy.
  • Example: El chica casi es atropellado por un conductor ebrio.
  • English: The girl was almost hit by a drunk driver.



  • (Noun) A chichón is Spanish for a bump or swell.
  • Example: Tienes que ir al médico y que te revise ese chichón.
  • English: You need to go to a doctor and get that bump checked.



  • (Noun) The Spanish word “chófer” means “chauffeur” or “driver” in English.
  • Example: Le pedí al chofer que nos encontrara aquí hace unos diez minutos.
  • English: I asked the chauffeur to meet us here about ten minutes ago.



  • (Noun) Chola is Spanish slang for a girl or a woman that belongs to a gang.
  • Example: La chola ahí es la chica del jefe. Ten cuidado con ella.
  • English: The girl there is the boss’s girl. Be careful of her.



  • (Noun) Chora is a colloquial Spanish word for a rude person.
  • Example: ¡Oye! Eres una chora. tienes que disculparte.
  • English: Hey! You’re a rude person. You need to apologize.



  • (Adjective) Chulear is the Spanish translation for a “show-off.” A show-off is a person that exaggerates things to get noticed.
  • Example: no me gustas ¡Eres un chulear!
  • English: I don’t like you. You’re a show-off!

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