Spanish Words That Start With K (Top 12)

Did you know that Spanish words that start with K are just borrowed words from other languages? In the Spanish language, we use the letter C instead of K. But, here are some ‌words in the Spanish language that are exceptions. Let’s get to know them below!

Spanish Words That Start With K (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A kaleidoscopio or kaleidoscope is a tube with multi-colored mirrors inside. These mirrors create mesmerizing patterns with every turn of the tube. 
  • Example: Tengo un kaleidoscopio. ¡Es genial!
  • English: I got a kaleidoscope. It’s amazing!



  • (Noun) The Kamikaze is a Japanese aircraft used in World War II. It also means “divine wind.”
  • Example: Necesito escribir un ensayo sobre Kamikaze. 
  • English: I need to write an essay about Kamikaze.



  • (Adjective) Kaput is a word that the Spanish adopted that means broken. It can also mean useless.
  • Example: Estos jarrones están kaput. Es imposible volver a juntarlos.
  • English: These vases are kaput. It’s impossible to put them back together.



  • (Noun) A kart is a vehicle used for racing. It has a tubular frame, and the engine is found at the back.
  • Example: ¿Deberíamos construir un kart y usarlo para correr?
  • English: Should we build a kart and use it to race?



  • (Noun) Keniano is the Spanish term for a person living from Kenya. 
  • Example: Debes ser el keniano del programa de intercambio de estudiantes. Encantada de conocerte!
  • English: You must be the Kenyan from the student exchange program. Nice to meet you!



  • (Noun) Kermes is a red dye extracted from the dried bodies of insects. The powder is used to dye fabrics.
  • Example: Necesito kermes para agregar patrón a esta tela que compré.
  • English: I need kermes to add pattern to this fabric I bought.



  • (Noun) A kilo is a weight that is equal to 1,000g. 
  • Example: Compre un kilo de pollo, por favor.
  • English: Buy a kilo of chicken, please.



  • (Noun) Kilometraje is the Spanish word for “mileage.” It is what is used to measure the distances traveled by a vehicle.
  • Example: Cual es el kilometraje de esta moto?
  • English: What is the mileage of this motorcycle?



  • (Noun) Kilovatio means “kilowatt.” A kilowatt is the unit measurement of how much electricity a specific appliance consumes.
  • Example: Este refrigerador promete una pequeña cantidad de uso de kilovatios por hora.
  • English: This refrigerator promises a small amount of kilowatt usage per hour.



  • (Noun) Kiosko is the Spanish form of “kiosk.” A kiosk is a small booth used for selling goods.
  • Example: Encuéntrame en el kiosko de allí.
  • English: Meet me by the kiosk over there.



  • (Noun) A kuchen is a different ‌coffee cake made with sweet yeast dough. Kuchen is originally a German word for “cakes.” The word was adopted by Spanish speakers.
  • Example: Vamos a comprar un kuchen para las invitadas mañana.
  • English: Let’s buy kuchen for the guests tomorrow.



  • (Noun) Kurdo is Spanish for people of Islamic roots who are living in Kurdistan.
  • Example: La clase era bastante internacional; había una francesa, un chino y un kurdo.
  • English: The class was pretty international; there was a French woman, a Chinese man, and a Kurd..

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