Spanish Words That Start With W (Top 15)

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The letter W is not always used in Spanish words, but there are a few words adopted from other languages. If you are curious to know about the Spanish words that start with the letter W, you can read on below!

Spanish Words That Start With W (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Verb) Mexican slang for “to look/watch”.
  • Example: ¿Estás wachando la casa que he estado queriendo comprar?
  • English: Are you looking at the house I’ve been wanting to buy?



  • (Noun) A waflera is a waffle maker or waffle-iron in Spanish.
  • Example: Necesito una nueva waflera.
  • English: I need a new waffle maker.



  • (Noun) A Wagneriana is a Spanish term for a female admirer or enthusiast of Richard Wagner’s works and compositions. 
  • Example: Nunca pensé que conocería a otro wagneriana.
  • English: I never thought I’d meet another Wagnerian.



  • (Verb) In Spanish, when a person says he or she will walkover, it means that he or she will forfeit in a ‌situation.
  • Example: El otro equipo volvió a hacer un walkover.
  • English: The other team did a walkover again.



  • (Noun) A Wapití or elk is a species of deer. In Mexico, there are private ranches that keep elks as game species.
  • Example: Habrá un viaje de caza de wapiti el próximo fin de semana. 
  • English: There will be an elk hunting trip next weekend.



  • (Noun) Wáter is a Spanish colloquial term for a toilet or water closet. This term is widely used in Spanish countries.
  • Example: ¿Hay un wáter cerca? 
  • English: Is there a toilet nearby?



  • (Noun) A waterpolista is a female water polo player.
  • Example: Es una de las mejores waterpolistas del país. 
  • English: She is one of the best water polo players in the country.



  • (Noun) A wélter or welterweight is an intermediate rank in boxing and other sports. It means that a player is no longer a beginner but is not yet a pro.
  • Example: Felicitaciones por ser welter. ¡Has llegado tan lejos ahora! 
  • English: Congratulations on being a welterweight. You’ve come this far now!



  • (Noun) A weón is a lazy person. This term originated in Chilé and is another form of huevón.
  • Example: Si sigues siendo un huevon, entonces no tendrás éxito. 
  • English: If you remain lazy, then you will not succeed.



  • (Noun) Wey is colloquial Spanish slang for a guy. It is another form of the term “dude” or “buddy.” In Mexico, wey is an insult.
  • Example: Ven con nosotros a la playa, wey. ¡Te divertirás, te lo prometemos! 
  • English: Come with us to the beach, dude. You’ll have fun, we promise!



  • (Noun) Whiskería is a Spanish term for a whisky bar.
  • Example: ¿Puedes tomar una botella de whisky en la whiskería? 
  • English: Can you get a bottle of whiskey in the whiskey bar?



  • (Noun) Wikén is a Spanish slang in Chile that is another term for the weekend. 
  • Example: El wiken está cerca, ¿cuáles son tus planes? 
  • English: The weekend is near. What are your plans?



  • (Noun) A wincha is a hairband made of tape. It is shaped and decorated on a person’s head.
  • Example: ¿Puedes hacerme una de tus encantadoras winchas? 
  • English: Can you make me one of your lovely hairbands?



  • (Noun) Wn is a shortened word for weón. This term is mostly used as text slang in Chile.
  • Example: Eres un wn. ¡No puedo confiar en ti! 
  • English: you are lazy! I can’t trust you!



  • (Noun) Wólfram or Wólframio is another word for the element of tungsten.
  • Example: ¿Dónde encontraste un wolframio? 
  • English: Where did you find tungsten?

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