Spanish Words That Start With X (Top 12)

There are only a few Spanish words that start with X, so we listed them down for you. We have the Top 12 Spanish words together with their meaning and translation and examples in both Spanish and English. Let’s learn about them now!

Spanish Words That Start With X (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A Xalapeño is a person residing in Xalapa, Mexico. 
  • Example: ¿Eres xalapeño? ¡Estoy honrado de conocerte!
  • English: Are you Xalapean? I’m honored to meet you!



  • (Noun) Xantato is the Spanish word for “Xanthate.” It is an organic compound used in mining.
  • Example: Necesitamos más xantato para continuar con este proyecto.
  • English: We need more xanthate to continue with this project.



  • (Noun) Xóchil is a common flower in Mexico. It can also be spelled and pronounced as “suchil.”
  • Example: ¿Es esta una planta de Xóchil? ¡Es hermoso!
  • English: Is this an Xóchil plant? It’s beautiful!



  • (Noun) A Xenófobo, or xenophobic in English, is a person that has a prejudice against people from other countries.
  • Example: No es genial ser xenófobo. Simplemente no entiendo a la gente como ellos.
  • English: It’s not cool being xenophobic. I just don’t get people like them.



  • (Noun) Xenobiología or Xenobiology is the study of manipulating biological devices and turning them into synthetic devices.
  • Example: Woah, es la primera vez que escucho sobre Xenobiología.
  • English: Woah, it’s the first time I heard about Xenobiology.



  • (Noun) Xenotransplante is the Spanish word for “xenotransplant.” It is the transplantation or implantation of a non-human organ, tissue, or cells to a human recipient.
  • Example: Encuentro interesante el xenotrasplante. Podría considerarlo como mi profesión.
  • English: I find xenotransplantation interesting. I might consider it as my profession.



  • (Noun) Xerocopiar is the Spanish term for “photocopy.” 
  • Example: ¿Puedes xerocopiar estos folletos? ¡Gracias!
  • English: Can you photocopy these handouts? Thank you!



  • (Noun) Xeroftalmia is the abnormal drying of a person’s cornea. If you have this, you might have a Vitamin A deficiency. 
  • Example: Yo tengo Xeroftalmia entonces me dieron medicina y vitamina A.
  • English: I have Xeroftalmia so they gave me medicine and vitamin A.



  • (Noun) Xerografía is the Spanish term for xerography. It is a process of dry photocopy.
  • Example: Enséñame Xerografía. Puede ser una gran habilidad en el futuro.
  • English: Teach me Xerografía. It can be a great skill in the future.



  • (Noun) Xerográficamente or xerographically is how a person photocopies an image or a text using a dry powder.
  • Example: Lo fotocopié xerográficamente. Es un proceso genial.
  • English: I photocopied it xerographically. It’s a cool process.



  • (Noun) Xilano or “xylan” are compounds that form the cell wall of plants.
  • Example: ¿Quieres ver un xilano bajo un microscopio?
  • English: Do you want to see a xylan under a microscope?



  • (Verb) Xilófago or xylophagous is the action in which an insect bores itself in plants and wood.
  • Example: ¿Qué insectos practican la xilófago?
  • English: What insects practice xylophagous?

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