Spanish Words That Start With Z (Top 12)

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The Spanish language is fairly easy to learn, so what are you waiting for? Let’s learn the top 12 Spanish words that start with Z today. We gathered the meaning of each word and added sample sentences in English and Spanish to kickstart your learning!

Spanish Words That Start With Z (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Verb) Zabor is the Spanish word for “labor.”
  • Example: ¿Qué tipo de zabor o trabajo especializado conoces?
  • English: What kind of labor or skilled work do you know?



  • (Noun) Zacate is the Spanish translation for a forage of grass that’s eaten by livestock. 
  • Example: Llevar nuestras vacas a una zona donde el zacate sea más denso.
  • English: Bring our cows to an area where the forage is thicker.



  • (Adjective) Zafado is a Spanish word and expression which means “crazy” or “mad.”
  • Example: Actúas como si estuvieras zafado de la cabeza. ¡Para!
  • English: You act like you’re loose in the head. Stop it!



  • (Noun) The Spanish word for a boy or a lad is zagal.
  • Example: Él es solo un zagal.
  • English: He is just a lad.



  • (Verb) Zaherir is the Spanish term for “to criticize” or “to wound” somebody.
  • Example: Si estás tratando de zaherir, no sucederá..
  • English: If you are trying to wound me, it won’t happen.



  • (Noun) Zahones is the Spanish term for “chaps.” Chaps are coverings for the legs that are worn on top of pants. It is mainly used when riding a horse.
  • Example: ¿Has visto mis nuevos zahones? Se suponía que me los pondría hoy.
  • English: Have you seen my new chaps? I was supposed to wear them today.



  • (Noun) Zaino is Spanish for the color “chestnut.”
  • Example: Compré este nuevo color de pelo. Es zaino.
  • English: I bought this new hair color. It’s chestnut.



  • (Verb) The word “Zalamería” is the Spanish translation for when a person is sweet-talking or flattering another.
  • Example: Siempre hablas con zalamería para salir de un problema.
  • English: You always sweet talk your way out of a problem.



  • (Noun) Zamacueca is a folk dance and music in Puerto Rico or Chile. It can also be translated to “hypocrite” in Puerto Rico.
  • Example: ¿Sabes lo que es Zamacueca? Puedo enseñarte.
  • English: Do you know what Zamacueca is? I can teach you.



  • (Noun) Zanahoria is the Spanish version of “carrot.”
  • Example: ¿Puedes comprar algunas zanahorias en el mercado hoy?
  • English: Can you buy some carrots in the market today?



  • (Noun) In Latin America, a mosquito is called a zancudo.
  • Example: Me picaron toneladas de zancudos. ¡No volveré a acampar nunca más!
  • English: I was bitten by tons of mosquitos. I won’t go camping ever again!



  • (Noun) Zapallo is the Spanish translation for a pumpkin, gourd, or zucchini.
  • Example: ¿Cómo puedo hacer pastel de zapallo si olvidaste comprar uno?
  • English: How can I make pumpkin pie if you forgot to buy one?

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