101 Tauros Nicknames: Hilarious and Clever Name Ideas for Your Pokemon!

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Welcome to the wild world of Tauros naming! Known for its strength and ferocity, this bullish Pokemon deserves a name that captures its unique charm and power. In this post, we’ve corralled 101 hilarious and catchy name ideas for your Tauros that will surely make it stand out in every battle!


Meaning: Bullseye represents the precise aim and accuracy of Tauros. It embodies the ability to hit targets dead-on and deliver powerful blows with its formidable horns.

Taurus Tamer

Meaning: Taurus Tamer signifies a trainer who has mastered the art of handling and training Tauros. It reflects a deep understanding of the creature’s behavior and a strong bond between trainer and Pokémon.

Bull Rush

Meaning: Bull Rush captures the image of Tauros charging forward with immense speed and force. It highlights its ability to unleash a relentless and unstoppable assault on opponents.

Torro Torro

Meaning: Torro Torro is a playful name that emphasizes Tauros’ bull-like nature. It represents its fierce temperament and the excitement it brings to battles.

Horn Herald

Meaning: Horn Herald symbolizes Tauros’ horns, which it uses to announce its presence and intimidate opponents. It reflects the creature’s commanding presence on the battlefield.

Stampede Star

Meaning: Stampede Star portrays Tauros as a prominent figure leading a mighty stampede. It highlights its role as a star performer, capturing attention and dominating the field.


Meaning: Bullionaire combines “bull” with “millionaire” to evoke an image of wealth and prosperity associated with Tauros. It represents the creature’s strength and success in battle.

Toro Thunder

Meaning: Toro Thunder signifies the electrifying power and energy that emanates from Tauros. It represents its ability to generate thunderous shocks and unleash powerful electric attacks.

Bull-et Proof

Meaning: Bull-et Proof emphasizes Tauros’ resilience and durability. It conveys the idea that it can withstand and deflect attacks like a bulletproof shield.


Meaning: Tauriffic is a playful and enthusiastic name that encapsulates the fantastic and extraordinary qualities of Tauros. It represents its remarkable abilities and captivating presence.

Stampede Surge

Meaning: Stampede Surge depicts the sudden and overwhelming rush of Tauros charging forward in a stampede. It highlights its immense speed and power, capable of overpowering opponents.

Horn Honcho

Meaning: Horn Honcho positions Tauros as the chief and leader of the herd. It signifies its authority and dominance, standing out among other Pokémon with its commanding presence.

Bull Dozer

Meaning: Bull Dozer conjures an image of Tauros plowing through obstacles and opponents with sheer force. It reflects its ability to bulldoze through any challenge it encounters.


Meaning: Tauriel combines “Taurus” with the feminine suffix “-iel,” giving a graceful and elegant touch to Tauros. It represents a unique and enchanting aspect of its personality.


Meaning: Taur-ific blends “Taurus” with the suffix “-ific,” indicating something remarkable or extraordinary. It signifies Tauros’ exceptional qualities and abilities.

Bull-et Train

Meaning: Bull-et Train evokes the image of Tauros speeding along like a powerful locomotive. It represents its relentless and unstoppable momentum in battle.

Rampage Rover

Meaning: Rampage Rover portrays Tauros as an untamed and wild creature on a rampage. It embodies its ferocity and unbridled energy.


Meaning: Taurminator combines “Taurus” with “terminator,” implying Tauros’ unstoppable and relentless nature. It signifies its ability to relentlessly pursue victory and overcome all obstacles.

Bull-et Point

Meaning: Bull-et Point represents the precise and accurate attacks of Tauros, where its horns become lethal points of impact. It signifies its ability to strike with pinpoint accuracy.

Ox King

Meaning: Ox King positions Tauros as a majestic and powerful figure reminiscent of mythological oxen. It represents its regal presence and immense strength.

Tauro Torpedo

Meaning: Tauro Torpedo compares Tauros to a speeding torpedo, evoking images of unstoppable force and swift attacks. It symbolizes its ability to deliver devastating blows with incredible speed.

Horn Havoc

Meaning: Horn Havoc conveys the chaos and destruction Tauros unleashes with its powerful horns. It represents its ability to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Beefy Beast

Meaning: Beefy Beast portrays Tauros as a muscular and robust creature. It signifies its raw power and physical prowess, making it a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Taurus Turbo

Meaning: Taurus Turbo captures Tauros’ incredible speed and agility. It represents its ability to accelerate rapidly and outpace opponents in battle.

Tauro Twister

Meaning: Tauro Twister evokes the image of Tauros spinning and twirling like a whirlwind. It represents its ability to generate powerful cyclones and unleash whirlwind attacks.

Raging Bull

Meaning: Raging Bull portrays Tauros in a state of fury and uncontrolled aggression. It signifies its explosive temperament and fierce battling style.

Iron Horns

Meaning: Iron Horns emphasizes the unyielding and unbreakable nature of Tauros’ horns. It represents their durability and the formidable impact they can deliver.


Meaning: Bullwinkle is a playful name that combines “bull” with the character from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon. It adds a lighthearted and humorous touch to Tauros’ persona.


Meaning: Tauronado merges “Taurus” with “tornado,” representing Tauros’ ability to generate and control powerful tornado-like forces. It signifies its control over turbulent winds.


Meaning: Beefcake characterizes Tauros as a muscular and well-built creature. It signifies its physical strength and robust physique.

Bull-et Time

Meaning: Bull-et Time represents a moment where time seems to slow down as Tauros executes precise and calculated movements. It embodies its ability to act with perfect timing.

Golden Horn

Meaning: Golden Horn highlights the beauty and rarity of Tauros’ horns. It represents their lustrous appearance and the value they hold.

Iron Bull

Meaning: Iron Bull signifies Tauros’ incredible strength and endurance. It represents its tough and unyielding nature.

Thunder Horn

Meaning: Thunder Horn combines the power of thunder with the impact of Tauros’ horns. It signifies its ability to deliver electrifying and powerful attacks.

Taurus Twist

Meaning: Taurus Twist represents Tauros’ ability to twist and turn with agility and grace. It signifies its dexterity and nimbleness in battle.

Rampage Rush

Meaning: Rampage Rush depicts Tauros charging forward in a frenzied and unstoppable rush. It represents its relentless assault on opponents.

Taur-us Rex

Meaning: Taur-us Rex combines “Taurus” with the powerful “Tyrannosaurus Rex.” It signifies Tauros’ dominance and superiority in battle, akin to the king of dinosaurs.


Meaning: Bull-istic conveys the explosive and frenzied nature of Tauros’ attacks. It represents its wild and unpredictable battling style.

Tauro Tsunami

Meaning: Tauro Tsunami merges “Taurus” with the destructive force of a tsunami. It signifies Tauros’ ability to create massive waves and unleash devastating water-based attacks.

Mighty Mino

Meaning: Mighty Mino portrays Tauros as a mighty and formidable creature similar to the mythological Minotaur. It signifies its strength and power in battle.

Bull-et Speed

Meaning: Bull-et Speed represents Tauros’ incredible swiftness and agility. It signifies its ability to move with lightning speed.

Horn Harbinger

Meaning: Horn Harbinger positions Tauros as a foreboding presence that heralds imminent danger. It represents its ability to predict and bring forth chaotic events.

Titan Taurus

Meaning: Titan Taurus combines the concept of a colossal titan with the strength of Tauros. It signifies its immense size, power, and dominance.

Tauro Tactician

Meaning: Tauro Tactician represents Tauros as a strategic and cunning battler. It signifies its ability to analyze situations and devise effective battle tactics.


Meaning: Bull-zooka combines “bull” with the idea of a powerful bazooka weapon. It represents Tauros’ ability to launch devastating attacks like a projectile.

Thunder Taurus

Meaning: Thunder Taurus signifies the fusion of thunder and Tauros’ power. It represents its ability to generate thunderstorms and harness electrical energy.

Bull-et Blast

Meaning: Bull-et Blast portrays Tauros’ attacks as explosive blasts. It signifies its ability to unleash powerful and destructive forces.

Horn Hurricane

Meaning: Horn Hurricane combines the destructive power of a hurricane with Tauros’ horns. It represents its ability to create whirlwinds of devastating force.

Taurus Titan

Meaning: Taurus Titan signifies Tauros’ colossal size and immense power, reminiscent of ancient mythical titans. It represents its overwhelming presence on the battlefield.

Bull-et Barrage

Meaning: Bull-et Barrage represents Tauros’ ability to launch a barrage of rapid-fire attacks. It signifies its relentless assault on opponents.

Taur Torque

Meaning: Taur Torque combines “Taurus” with the rotational force of torque. It represents Tauros’ ability to generate immense power and rotational energy.

Storm Steed

Meaning: Storm Steed positions Tauros as a majestic and powerful creature associated with storms. It represents its ability to control and harness the forces of nature.

Ox Overdrive

Meaning: Ox Overdrive signifies Tauros’ ability to push itself beyond its limits and enter a state of unstoppable overdrive. It represents its enhanced power and speed.

Tauro Titanium

Meaning: Tauro Titanium combines Tauros’ name with the strength and durability of titanium. It signifies its indestructible nature and resilience.

Bull-er Coaster

Meaning: Bull-er Coaster represents Tauros’ unpredictable and thrilling nature, similar to the twists and turns of a roller coaster. It signifies the excitement it brings to battles.

Rumble Rodeo

Meaning: Rumble Rodeo portrays Tauros as a wild and untamed creature, reminiscent of a rodeo bull. It represents its uncontrollable energy and spirited nature.

Bull-et Blitz

Meaning: Bull-et Blitz signifies Tauros’ rapid and relentless barrage of attacks. It represents its ability to unleash a flurry of powerful strikes in quick succession.

Taur-ible Twister

Meaning: Taur-ible Twister combines “Taurus” with the concept of a terrible twister. It represents Tauros’ ability to create destructive whirlwinds and wreak havoc.

Bull-et Beam

Meaning: Bull-et Beam represents Tauros’ ability to focus its energy and unleash concentrated beam-like attacks. It signifies its precise and powerful ranged assaults.

Tauro Tornado

Meaning: Tauro Tornado combines “Taurus” with the destructive force of a tornado. It represents Tauros’ ability to create and control powerful cyclones.

Titan Torro

Meaning: Titan Torro signifies Tauros’ immense size, strength, and dominance. It represents its ability to overpower opponents with its colossal presence.

Taur-us Trample

Meaning: Taur-us Trample represents Tauros’ ability to charge forward and trample opponents with overwhelming force. It signifies its powerful and relentless assault.

Ox Orbit

Meaning: Ox Orbit represents Tauros’ agile and swift movements akin to orbiting celestial bodies. It signifies its ability to maneuver with precision and grace.

Taur-osaurus Rex

Meaning: Taur-osaurus Rex combines “Taurus” with the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. It represents Tauros’ unrivaled strength and power, similar to the king of dinosaurs.

Bull-et Breaker

Meaning: Bull-et Breaker signifies Tauros’ ability to break through barriers and defenses with its relentless attacks. It represents its unstoppable force.

Horn Hazard

Meaning: Horn Hazard represents the danger and peril associated with Tauros’ sharp horns. It signifies its ability to pose a significant threat to opponents.

Iron Ox

Meaning: Iron Ox combines Tauros’ strength with the toughness and resilience of iron. It represents its unyielding and unbreakable nature.

Taurus Torment

Meaning: Taurus Torment represents Tauros’ ability to inflict torment and anguish upon its opponents. It signifies its capacity to wear down and overwhelm its adversaries.

Tauro Turbulence

Meaning: Tauro Turbulence captures the chaotic and tumultuous nature of Tauros’ attacks. It represents its ability to create waves of turbulence and disorder.

Thunder Torro

Meaning: Thunder Torro signifies Tauros’ association with thunder and its overwhelming power. It represents its ability to generate and control thunderstorms.

Rampage Rider

Meaning: Rampage Rider portrays the synergy between Tauros and its trainer, where they become a unified force during a rampage. It represents their synchronized assault on opponents.

Ox Omega

Meaning: Ox Omega represents Tauros as the ultimate and final form of an ox. It signifies its status as a pinnacle of strength and power.

Bull-et Bravo

Meaning: Bull-et Bravo signifies Tauros’ bravery and courage in battle. It represents its fearless and bold nature when confronting challenges.

Horn Hydra

Meaning: Horn Hydra represents Tauros’ ability to strike multiple times with its horns, akin to the many heads of a hydra. It signifies its capacity to overwhelm opponents with a flurry of attacks.

Taurus Typhoon

Meaning: Taurus Typhoon combines “Taurus” with the destructive power of a typhoon. It represents Tauros’ ability to create and control massive storms.

Tauro Tectonic

Meaning: Tauro Tectonic combines “Taurus” with the massive geological forces of tectonic plates. It signifies Tauros’ ability to create seismic disturbances and unleash earth-shaking attacks.

Bull-et Bounce

Meaning: Bull-et Bounce represents Tauros’ ability to bounce and leap with agility and force. It signifies its acrobatic maneuvers in battle.

Horn Hammer

Meaning: Horn Hammer signifies the impact and force behind Tauros’ horn attacks. It represents its ability to deliver powerful and concussive blows.

Rampage Raptor

Meaning: Rampage Raptor portrays Tauros as a swift and ferocious predator, reminiscent of a raptor. It represents its speed and predatory instincts in battle.

Ox Olympus

Meaning: Ox Olympus positions Tauros as a majestic and god-like figure associated with the mythical Mount Olympus. It represents its elevated status and immense power.

Bull-et Bomber

Meaning: Bull-et Bomber signifies Tauros’ ability to unleash explosive attacks akin to aerial bombardment. It represents its destructive force on the battlefield.

Horn Hyperdrive

Meaning: Horn Hyperdrive combines the speed of a hyperdrive with the impact of Tauros’ horns. It represents its ability to move with incredible speed and strike with immense force.

Tauro Transonic

Meaning: Tauro Transonic signifies Tauros’ ability to move at speeds beyond the sound barrier. It represents its rapid and near-instantaneous movements in battle.

Bull-et Burn

Meaning: Bull-et Burn represents Tauros’ ability to deliver scorching and fiery attacks. It signifies its capacity to unleash intense heat and flames.

Horn Helix

Meaning: Horn Helix signifies the twisting and spiraling motion of Tauros’ horns. It represents its ability to deliver dynamic and swirling attacks.

Tauro Trek

Meaning: Tauro Trek represents Tauros’ journeys and adventures through rugged terrains. It signifies its endurance and resilience during long and arduous journeys.

Bull-et Blaze

Meaning: Bull-et Blaze signifies Tauros’ fiery and intense battling style. It represents its ability to unleash a blaze of powerful and relentless attacks.

Rampage Razor

Meaning: Rampage Razor represents Tauros’ swift and razor-sharp attacks during a rampage. It signifies its ability to cut through opponents with precision and speed.

Ox Odyssey

Meaning: Ox Odyssey signifies Tauros’ epic and adventurous journeys. It represents its wanderlust and spirit of exploration.

Bull-et Brisk

Meaning: Bull-et Brisk represents Tauros’ swift and brisk movements in battle. It signifies its agility and quickness when evading and launching attacks.

Horn Halo

Meaning: Horn Halo signifies the radiant and protective aura surrounding Tauros’ horns. It represents its elevated and divine presence in battle.

Tauro Transistor

Meaning: Tauro Transistor combines Tauros’ name with the concept of a transistor, representing its ability to channel and amplify energy. It signifies its power and energy manipulation.

Bull-et Bolt

Meaning: Bull-et Bolt signifies Tauros’ lightning-fast movements and powerful strikes. It represents its ability to strike with the speed and force of a lightning bolt.

Horn Hawk

Meaning: Horn Hawk portrays Tauros as a bird of prey, symbolizing its sharp and focused attacks. It represents its keen senses and precision in battle.

Rampage Renegade

Meaning: Rampage Renegade signifies Tauros’ rebellious and uncontrolled nature during a rampage. It represents its refusal to be tamed and its relentless pursuit of victory.

Ox Oblivion

Meaning: Ox Oblivion signifies Tauros’ ability to bring about destruction and chaos. It represents its capacity to plunge opponents into oblivion with its powerful attacks.

Bull-et Burst

Meaning: Bull-et Burst represents Tauros’ explosive and impactful attacks. It signifies its ability to unleash a burst of energy and power.

Horn Hoplite

Meaning: Horn Hoplite portrays Tauros as a warrior, reminiscent of ancient Greek hoplites. It represents its disciplined and strategic approach to battle.

Tauro Transformer

Meaning: Tauro Transformer signifies Tauros’ ability to undergo a transformation, changing its form or unleashing hidden powers. It represents its adaptability and versatility.

Bull-et Brawler

Meaning: Bull-et Brawler represents Tauros’ fierce and combative nature in battle. It signifies its ability to engage in close combat and brawl with opponents.

Horn Hornet

Meaning: Horn Hornet signifies Tauros’ agility and ability to strike swiftly and repeatedly, akin to a hornet. It represents its rapid and piercing attacks.

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