101 Tyrantrum Nicknames for the Despot Pokémon

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Foodie, Animal Lover, Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Tyrantrum is one of the fiercest and most ferocious Rock/Dragon-type Pokémon around. This feisty fossil Pokémon really lives up to its name as the Despot Pokémon! To celebrate Tyrantrum and its tenacious temper, here are 101 funny, catchy, and witty nicknames for this fan-favorite frightening fossil fighter:


Tyrantrum is so fierce, it’s Tyrantrum-licious! This fiery Pokémon is a real treat.


Tyrantrum is such a Tyrantrum-light! Its rambunctiousness brings so much joy.


Tyrantrum is simply Tyrantrum-riffic! With its temper, it’s too terrific for words.


Tyrantrum is Tyrantrum-mazing! Its awesome anger is absolutely amazing.


Tyrantrum is totally Tyrantrum-tastic! This feisty Pokémon is truly fantastic.


Tyrantrum is a real Tyrantrum-rama! The way it stomps and chomps is quite the drama.


Tyrantrum is a true Tyrantrum-inator! It dominates tantrums like a gladiator.


Tyrantrum is a fierce Tyrantrum-stroyer! With its grumpy rage, it’s a true pioneer.


Tyrantrum is the almighty T-Wrecks! No Pokémon’s temper is more vexed.

Chompasaurus Rex

Tyrantrum chews and crunches like a Chompasaurus Rex! Rowdy and ravenous, this fossil Pokémon has heaps of moxie and riotousness!

Cretaceous Chomper

Tyrantrum is a Cretaceous Chomper! This massive meat masher is a true stomper.


With primal power, Tyrantrum’s a Caveman! Smashing and stomping according to plan.

Terrible Rex

Tyrantrum is a Terrible Rex! With terrible temper and a horrible complex.

Kaiju Rex

Tyrantrum is the fearsome Kaiju Rex! This monster’s tantrums cause enormous complex.


With monstrous stomps, Tyrantrum unleashes inner Godzilla! Primordial rage causes mass consternation and hullabaloo.

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