Weird 5 Letter Words: Top 20 with Example Sentences

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The average word in the English language has 4.7 letters, making 5 letter words rather common in text.

But, some weird 5 letter words as so weird that they’ve become the furthest thing from commonly used.

Read on below and discover 20 of the weirdest ones! 

Weird 5 Letter Words

Five-letter words are some of the most often used words in the English language, period.

However, no matter how common-place many 5-letter words are, some of them are simply too weird for everyday usage.

Our picks for the top weird 5 letter words include:

1. Ouija

The five-letter word ouija is a spooky one. It represents a board with an alphabet and possibly occult symbols on it, that works in tandem with a planchette, and people. The point of the “game” is to speak with spirits.

Example of the word oujia in a sentence:

“Do you guys wanna play the ouija board? My sister told me it really works!”

2. Adieu

The word Adieu is an old-fashioned 5 letter word for saying goodbye! You don’t hear it much these days, though it is still used in literature.

Example of the word adieu in a sentence:

“So, without further rhetoric, I bid thee adieu. *bows and walks away*”

3. Ducat

Ducat is a five letter word that originally represented someone who is related to a Duke, or other nobility. In some parts of the word, like Europe, ducat is a word that represents gold coins.

Example of the word ducat in a sentence:

“That girl is a real ducat, huh? She looks like she’s never missed a meal in her life!”

4. Tares

Tares is, more or less, a particular type of weed that appears somewhat like young corn. It is seen as the opposite of wheat, basically as no good.

Example of the word tares in a sentence:

“Gentlemen! What did I tell ya, huh? You have to sort the wheat from the tares. Everything else takes care of itself!”

5. Soare

Soare is a 5 letter word that finds its roots in the Romanian language. The origin of the word is “sun” though it also represents “young hawk.”

Example of the word soare in a sentence:

“The word soare is hard to fit into a sentence. It means sun, or young hawk, both of which have more common words than soare today”

6. Ergot

The purplish-black sclerotium of diseased fungus is known as ergot. The symptoms of eating ergot are quite dramatic; dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, psychosis, and even gangrene.

Example of the word ergot in a sentence:

“It is believed that the witches of Salem may not have been witches after all. Recent data indicates they may have been suffering from ergot poisoning, contracted from eating tainted rye bread.”

7. Craic

This fun but rare 5 letter word represents fun, news, gossip, and other forms of entertainment, including entertaining conversation. This word comes from and is still popular today in Ireland.

Example of the word craic in a sentence:

“There’s going to be plenty of craic tonight, I heard the new club is practically dropped locked and poppin’ off the chain!”

8. Squab

The word squab has a couple of basic definitions, one being a young and unidentified chicken, the other being the padded back of a vehicle seat. 

Example of the word squab in a sentence:

“It’s hard to eat chicken nuggets after you’ve cared for a cute little squab.”

9. Azure

The weird five-letter word Azure is actually a color, though it is rarely used other than by artists and gamers. Azure is a light purplish color.

Example of the word azure in a sentence:

“Her eyes were the same strange Azure color as the teal purple water in the bay had been when he first noticed her strolling along the rocky shoreline with her cute little pomeranian… how could he ever forget?”

10. Enoki

An enoki is a tall, skinny stemmed mushroom, with a small cap. The type of mushroom comes from Japan. 

Example of the word enoki in a sentence:

“The shaman held the wooden bowl up into the air showing his tribesman the blessed enoki they were about to consume.”

11. Whelp

A whelp is a young dog, boy, girl, or dragon. The exact origin of the word isn’t quite clear, but it is found in Norse, German, and Norwegian languages.

Example of the word whelp in a sentence:

“Why you rotten little whelp! I should like to tan your naughty little hide if I ever got my hands on you!”

12. Snood

The weird 5 letter word snood signifies a woman’s fitted hair covering (something like a hairnet). The word finds its origins in the victorian era, when woman’s decorative hair coverings were called snoods.

Example of the word snood in a sentence:

“The snood was the finest hair piece she’d ever seen. “Why, Jacob, I-I don’t know what to say. Why, it’s beautiful!””

13. Bling

The 5 letter word bling is another weird one that dates back to the later 20th century, when it was first used to describe the way lights flashed on shiny jewelry worn by rappers and hip-hop artists.

Example of the word bling in a sentence:

“Bling bling! W-what w-what what?”

14. Ankus

An ankus is a type of goad that is designed for use with elephants. The tool is used for training and handling the animals.

Example of the word ankus in a sentence:

“Whoa, Nelly! Someone hand me the Ankus, this elphant is getting out of hand!”

15. Kazoo

The kazoo is an instrument, similar to a recorder, or flute, that is both primitive and silly. Rather than making “real” music, the kazoo produces silly buzzing and humming sounds.

Example of the word kazoo in a sentence:

“Why I oughta sock ya right in the kazoo, ya no good lousy low-down good for nothin’ weasel!”

16. Oggle

To oggle is to look at someone with wanton intent. In other words, looking at people as if they are a piece of tasty food you’d like to eat.

Example of the word oggle in a sentence:

“Heya, buddy! Yeah, you! Pay attention who you oggle, see? That there’s my best gal, Sallie. You so much as think about giving her another oggle and I’ll do more than just thump your noggin, see?”

17. Divvy

The origins of the word divvy are simple: to divide something. The word has been in use in this form since the mid to late 19th century.

Example of the word divvy in a sentence:

“Once we bump this guy, we’re gonna divvy up the loot. Then we drop him off in the boondocks, see? Moral of the story? Keep your oggle goggles off the boss’s best gal, Sallie.”

18. Scrim

A scrim is an opaque piece of cloth, often hung in between scenes during theatre productions and rehearsals. They are most often lightly woven, though maybe heavily woven as well.

Example of the word scrim in a sentence:

“The dagger plunged into her heart. The scene ended with dramatic music and the scrim was lowered while the actors and actresses readied themselves for the next act.”

19. Plotz

Plotz is a 5 letter used to describe someone that drops suddenly, most likely due to exhaustion or excitement. The word is Yiddish but has been used by Americans from at least the 1950s onward.

Example of the word plotz in a sentence:

“I dunno, Lenny! Oy vey, oy vey! They say her heart just plotzed right out on her in her sleep!”

20. Squee

The last weird 5 letter word on our list is the word squee. If you didn’t already guess, it is the sound a person makes when they are extremely happy/excited. 

Example of the word squee in a sentence:

“Squee!!! Thank you so much for the new puppy, daddy! She’s sooo cute! Can I name her Bella!?”

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