What Do Poggers Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you curious to know what poggers mean? You might find this word all over the internet, especially if you’re a gamer. So, what is the meaning of poggers and how can you use this in a conversation? Let’s find out below!

What do Poggers Mean in Gaming?

Poggers is an emoticon of a surprised frog. The emoticon is used mainly in Twitch where live streamers get together to showcase their page and newest achievements. Poggers is a positive emoticon that shows excitement or happiness, especially when live streamers have good content. 

Alternative Meanings

This emoticon was first used in political movements that show a surprised yet innocent look that is a mockery of how people react to the current government situation.

Examples of Poggers in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Jay – Wow, the streamer put on a good show.
  • Art – I know, right. It was poggers!

Example 2

  • Fate – Great game earlier. I’m poggers!
  • Sam – Thanks! 

Example 3

  • May – How’s the game?
  • Hans – Good; poggers!

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