What Does 4 Dots Mean In Texting? (Explained With Examples)

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Are you wondering what 4 dots (….) means in texting? Not a problem, in this article, we will provide you with the answer. All you need to do is keep on reading and you will get it! We’re going to explain what it means and provide you with some examples of how to use it…

What does 4 Dots Mean in Texting?

In texting, 4 dots (….) are used to express disbelief or a lack of response to a silly or outrageous statement. You can also use 3 dots, some even use 2 dots, but if you send a series of dots in a single text message, it can only mean this thing!

Texting can be really useful because it allows us to convey emotions using various symbols and emoticons, or even acronyms. It is fast and convenient!

Alternative Meanings

It can also mean a few other things, but it would be rare to see them used this way…

  • Insecurity
  • Adds implication to a sentence

Examples of 4 Dots in Text Slang

Example 1

  • Bill – I punched my boss and got fired today.
  • Tommy – ….

Example 2

  • Anthony – ….
  • Lucille – I know I messed up but please say anything!

Example 3

  • Jake – I want to break up with you.
  • Roseanne – ….

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