What Does Ace Mean in Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Are you new to gaming and want to know what the term “ace” means? Then, you can find the meaning of the term “ace” below. We also added a few examples of the term for you to get to know it better.

What does Ace Mean in Gaming?

An ace is a situation wherein a single player kills all the enemy team members in one round of a game. In other games, an ace can refer to each member of a team killing at least one enemy member in a match.

Alternative Meanings

Ace only means one thing in the gaming universe.

Examples of Ace in Gaming

Example 1

  • Cole – You aced again, bro. Give chance to other members next time.
  • Shilo – Sorry, just got overly excited.

Example 2

  • Yuna – Woah, he aced us!
  • Akhi – He’s a really good gamer.

Example 3

  • Paul – Did you ace the game? I thought we were losing!
  • Jace – I got your back, bro!

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