What Does ADDS Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Another gaming slang you’ve probably seen or heard but can be confusing, especially if you are just starting out, is ADDS. If you want to know what ADDS means, then you can find the meaning below, together with a few examples.

What does ADDS Mean in Gaming?

ADDS is an acronym that means “ Additional Spawn”. ADDS are reinforcements called upon by an enemy boss for backup. ADDS are non-player enemies and can be easily killed but can also add damage to your character.

Alternative Meanings

ADDS only means Additional Spawn.

Examples of ADDS in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Rob – I need help here!
  • Miles – Watchout for ADDS! I’m coming.

Example 2

  • Eddie – Hey, there are so many ADDS on my lane!
  • Liam – I’m sending backup right now.

Example 3

  • Chris – ADDS just keep on coming! I need backup!
  • Peter – We’ll be right there.

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