What Does ADS Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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In the gaming community, ADS could mean differently than what we are familiar with. So, what are ADS and how do you use it in online gaming? Let’s find out here. We also provided examples to help you understand it more!

What does ADS Mean in Gaming?

ADS is used in FPS games and stands for “aiming down sights”. ADS is a skill that a player does when switching to sight mode for more accurate shooting, or in simpler terms, switching to first-person view to accurately sight enemies. You can find this term used in games like Call of Duty. 

Alternative Meanings

Another meaning for ADS is additional enemies or the extra spawns during raids in a game. This term was already around since 1999 but has changed its meaning recently to be used in FPS games.

Examples of ADS in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Shooter 1 – Cover me, I’m switching to ADS.
  • Shooter 2 – I got you, bro.

Example 2

  • Greg – Why were you killed?
  • Matt – I thought it was safe to switch to ADS in the middle of open-fire.

Example 3

  • Carl – Spot the other enemies!
  • Joel – Let me switch to ADS to see better.

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