What Does APM Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Has someone asked you regarding your APM? Are you confused about what it is? Don’t worry; if you’re new to the gaming industry, it’s common to get confused with so many acronyms, abbreviations and slang. Find out what APM means below.

What does APM Mean in Gaming?

APM means “actions per minute”. APM is how much a player’s character can move in a minute. Games like Starcraft, a real-time video game, uses APM to determine the ranking of a gamer. The higher the APM, the higher the rank.

Alternative Meanings

  • In the gaming universe, APM only means “actions per minute.”

Examples of APM in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Margy – What’s your APM?
  • Stan – It’s only around 45. Yours?

Example 2

  • Michael – I need to practice if I want a higher APM.
  • Chloe – Are you trying out for the national team?

Example 3

  • Rayne – How did you reach 100 APM?
  • Josh – Oh, I just practiced really hard.

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