What Does Chad Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Have you been thinking about what a Chad is? Did you think someone was referring to a real person named Chad? Well, in that case, we’ll give you the real meaning of Chad in the gaming community.

What does Chad Mean in Gaming?

A Chad is a gamer who only wants to play the most recent games in the internet today. A chad is someone who is up-to-date but is not a serious player. Sometimes, people use the word Chad as an insult to another.

Alternative Meanings

Chad only means one thing in the gaming world, and it is what was said above.

Examples of Chad in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Boy X – I only play the most recent games on my Xbox.
  • Boy Y – So, you’re a Chad then. 

Example 2

  • Macy – I dislike Chads. They think they’re so cool.
  • Will – I know, dude!

Example 3

  • Player A – You just want to belong but you’re acting like a Chad.
  • Player B – No, I am not! I am not a Chad.

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