What Does Cheesing Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Are you having trouble keeping up with gaming terms? Don’t worry; we can help you learn all of them. Now, let’s start with learning what cheesing means. You can find the definition of this gaming slang below.

What does Cheesing Mean in Gaming?

Cheesing is a gaming tactic wherein a gamer wins or beats an enemy by not following the rules of the game. Though cheesing is not considered cheating, it may as well be because players go beyond the rules to win a match.

Alternative Meanings

Cheesing does not have any other meaning.

Examples of Cheesing in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Mandy – Hey, you’re cheesing!
  • Carly – No, I’m not cheesing!

Example 2

  • David – Cheesing is frowned upon here, so don’t attempt it.
  • Drake – You think I can’t win by being fair? 

Example 3

  • Gerald – What happened? You can’t do that! That’s cheesing!
  • Dominic – No, it’s not! I followed the rules of the game!

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