What Does Co-op Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

You might have heard about co-op and if you are new to the gaming community, you might have played co-op games without consciously knowing about it. So, we have the definition of co-op and a few examples to help you understand it.

What does Co-op Mean in Gaming?

Co-op or “cooperative” games are similar to multiplayer games in the sense that you will be playing with other gamers. But, in co-op games, everyone will be helping one another to reach a common goal and defeat a non-player enemy.

Alternative Meanings

Co-op only means “cooperative”.

Examples of Co-op in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Harold – It’d be fun to join a co-op game.
  • William – Let’s play that!

Example 2

  • Jay – Hey, are you down for a co-op?
  • Regina – Sure, that’s fun!

Example 3

  • Clyde – I just joined a co-op. Wanna join for another game?
  • Scott – Alright, count me in!

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