What Does Console Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you not sure about what console means? Don’t worry; we’ll help you learn about what console means. We listed the definition of the console below and we also provided a few examples so you can be comfortable using the term the next time you’re in a conversation. 

What does Console Mean in Gaming?

A console is a device used in video gaming. The console portrays the video signals and turns the signals into the images of the video game. A console can be controlled by a controller. A PS5 and an Xbox are examples of video game consoles.

Alternative Meanings

In gaming, there is only one definition for consoles and it is what was mentioned above.

Examples of Console in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Carmen – Come over to my house after school.
  • Summer – Did your new console arrive?

Example 2

  • Pat – I’m sick of my console. But, my dad won’t buy me a new one.
  • Ben – Oh, hope he gets you a new one, bro. 

Example 3

  • Timothy – Let’s play this new game.
  • Marko – My console’s broken. We can’t play.

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