What Does Doxing Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Plenty of people are playing online games today, and we are not surprised. Its popularity has skyrocketed, leading to many new terms we have yet to discover. If you are curious to know what doxing means, we listed it down for you.

What does Doxing Mean in Gaming?

Doxing is a form of online harassment wherein a hacker shares sensitive information about someone on the internet. It is also a breach of privacy and is frowned upon today. Most hackers use doxing to get money or to threaten someone as payback.

Alternative Meanings

Doxing is also used when someone tries to imitate another person online.

Examples of Doxing in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Fanny – I heard Demi was doxing Sharon.
  • Carlo – But I thought they were good friends.

Example 2

  • Tina – Doxing is a crime punishable by law, so don’t attempt that.
  • Brian – I’m not attempting anything. I’m just curious.

Example 3

  • Eve – Do you think you could get away with doxing me?! I have witnesses!
  • Cory – You can’t prove anything based on witnesses so don’t accuse me!

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