What Does DPI Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Is it your first time hearing the term DPI? Don’t worry; we have the meaning of DPI below. We’ll help you understand gaming slang so you can understand it better when you are having a conversation with one or more gamers online.

What does DPI Mean in Gaming?

DPI means “Dots per inch”. DPI is the number of pixels that fit within one square inch of display on your monitor. Those dots are picked up by the mouse sensor and can tell how many pixels the cursor passes by in a minute.

Alternative Meanings

  • In gaming, there is no other definition of DPI.

Examples of DPI in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Mary – How much is your DPI?
  • Oscar – It’s only around 600.

Example 2

  • Lenny – Is 300 DPI good?
  • Maxim – I think that would be too low for a game like that.

Example 3

  • Gary – I upgraded to 1000 DPI.
  • Billy – How good is it?


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