What Does EZ Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Is it your first time seeing EZ in the gaming community? Do you want to know what it means? Then, we’ll help you know the definition of the term. Below, you’ll find out what EZ means and how you can use the term in a conversation.

What does EZ Mean in Gaming?

EZ is a shortened version of “easy”. It is usually used as derogatory slang or sarcasm when a player defeats another. When you use the term EZ, you are saying that your opponent is not that good or lacks skills that easily got him or her killed in a game.

Alternative Meanings

Sometimes, EZ is also known as the “Extraction Zone” in online games.

Examples of EZ in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Member C – That was EZ.
  • Member D – Yeah, right!

Example 2

  • Gamer A – You killed me again!
  • Gamer B – Coz you’re EZ, bro. No offense.

Example 3

  • Clyde – What just happened?!
  • Clark – You lost, bro. EZ.

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