What Does F Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Have you been seeing “f” everywhere on online gaming platforms? This may get confusing to new gamers, for “f” can stand for plenty of things. Therefore, we have the definition of “f” in the gaming community below.

What does F Mean in Gaming?

The term “F” that gamers use in-game came from the instructions on-screen: Press “F” To Pay Your Respects. For example, Call of Duty has this instruction. Therefore, gamers have been using this even outside the game. If your character dies, you might see a lot of F’s your way.

Alternative Meanings

The term F could also mean:

  • A person is in big trouble
  • A person is about to lose a game, in a bad way

Examples of F in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Blaire – Oh, you died. F
  • Frannie – Guess I’ll see you in the next game.

Example 2

  • Mildred – This is not going down the right way. F
  • Cassie – I know. F 

Example 3

  • Joan – Sorry your character died. F
  • Henry – I thought I could win.

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