What Does FDP Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you getting confused with so many terms in the gaming community? FDP is another term you should learn about to understand conversations on gaming platforms. So, we have the meaning of FDP for you below.

What does FDP Mean in Gaming?

FDP stands for “Fazers Demand Proof”. This term implies that a person should have evidence or proof of what he or she is saying in the online community. This is said when a person or gamer is suspicious.

Alternative Meanings

FDP could also mean:

  • A curse word of Portuguese origin.
  • Full Defense Pack

Examples of FDP in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Fred – I got invited to the tournament. 
  • Willy – Really? FDP.

Example 2

  • Jasper – So, you’re saying you got a great weapon but won’t use it today? FDP.
  • Dominick – Why don’t you trust me?

Example 3

  • Daryl – Oh, you don’t have the gold pass? I just got mine.

Jaymie – FDP.

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