What Does FPP Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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You might have heard a gamer or two talk about FPP, and if you are new to the gaming community, you might be wondering what that means. Don’t worry; we have the definition of FPP for you below!

What does FPP Mean in Gaming?

FPP means “First Person Perspective”. This game mode lets you view the game like how your character views the game. FPP can be seen in games like CoD and Valorant which are in the shooting genre.

Alternative Meanings

FPP only means Frist Person Perspective.

Examples of FPP in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Gamer 1 – I get confused with FPP games, lol.
  • Gamer 2 – You’ll get used to it.

Example 2

  • Gabby – What’s that game?
  • Alfie – Its a new game in FPP mode.

Example 3

  • Newton – Let’s play a game.
  • Vince – Are you down for an FPP game?


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