What Does G Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Based on our extensive research, there are three specific uses of “G” in the rap vocabulary. Read more below!

The first and most popular way of using the “G” slang is using it as a form of affirmation. It may stand for “game,” “go,” and many more. 

“I’m G for some pizza if you are willing to split the bill.”

The second meaning of G in rap is for “grand.” Grand is a popular street term for thousand of dollars. It may be used like this:

“I lost 5G betting on that stupid horse!”

Lastly, G may also stand for a gangster. Coming from the term “OG” used in popular rappers, G is often used as a cool or complimentary term by teenagers.

“What’s up, G! I heard you got a PS5!”

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