What Does GGS Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Is it your first time seeing the term GGS and want to know what it means? The gaming world has plenty of terms and if you notice, some of them are the same. So, we have the definition of GGS below.

What does GGS Mean in Gaming?

The term GGS stands for “Good Games.” This term is used to congratulate the team or the opponents for doing a great job playing and finishing a game. The term is also the same as GG or good game.

Alternative Meanings

GGS only means “Good Games.”

Examples of GGS in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Zoey – That game was really good!
  • Winston – I know! GGS team!

Example 2

  • Xander – GGS. Let’s play together again next time!
  • Nelly – We would love that! GGS.

Example 3

  • Patrick – Cool game, man. We finished in under 3 hours!
  • Joel – I’m happy with the outcome. GGS!

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