What Does Ghosting Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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One of the most popular terms today is ghosting. We hear this everywhere, and it is also scary to be ghosted. But, is ghosting in gaming the same? Find out below because we listed the meaning and some examples for you.

What does Ghosting Mean in Gaming?

Ghosting is a strategy of gamers that improves the stealthiness of a character. When a character is ghosting, it moves so swiftly that it only looks like a blur on screen. This is a great strategy in multiplayer games, especially when one needs to reach the opponent’s base without getting noticed.

Alternative Meanings

Ghosting also means:

  • A form of cheating to know each player’s whereabouts or moves.
  • An act wherein a player suddenly and intentionally goes offline during a game.
  • A disruption on the screen when two moving images overlap. The image could be a blur and may look like a ghost.

Examples of Ghosting in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • AJ – I’m ghosting so the opponent won’t notice when I attack the base.
  • Nicko – Okay, I’ll distract the others.

Example 2

  • Marlon – You go ghosting in the middle while I attack the center.
  • Ricko – Alright, call for backup.

Example 3

  • Nel – Ghosting shouldn’t be allowed in the game.

Ervin – You’re just unattentive, that’s why you always die. lol

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