What Does Goated Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

We get that the gaming universe can be full of terms that could be overwhelming to someone new. If you are curious about what goated means in the gaming community, you can find the definition below.

What does Goated Mean in Gaming?

Goated is another term that is used to call someone great or awesome. The gaming slang came from the term “GOAT” which stands for “Greatest Of All Time.” So, if someone says you are goated, they are calling you the best.

Alternative Meanings

  • Goated has no alternative meaning in the gaming community.

Examples of Goated in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Carl – I heard you got goated, bro! Nice one!
  • Simon – Haha, it was just one game, man.

Example 2

  • Mike – You’re goated, man! Nice game!
  • Payton – Oh, thanks, man!

Example 3

  • Scully – I’m surprised you’re goated. I was the first to play. What did you do?
  • Prince – Practice, maybe. And a lot of late nights. lol


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