What Does Hz Mean in Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Some terms in the gaming community can seem overwhelming at first, but getting to know them will help you along the way. Therefore, if you want to know what Hz means, you can find its definition below. 

What does Hz Mean in Gaming?

Hz in gaming means “hertz.” It is important to consider your monitor’s Hz to ensure you get the best out of your monitor. The higher the Hz the better the display and the outcome of the game. Most gamers invest in high Hz monitors.

Alternative Meanings

Hz does not mean anything else.

Examples of Hz in Gaming

Example 1

  • Gio– Nice monitor. How much is the Hz?
  • Meg – It’s around 144 Hz.

Example 2

  • Yuri – My display has a low Hz.
  • Cloud – It’s time to invest in a higher Hz.

Example 3

  • Jade – I got a 144 Hz monitor!
  • Kris – Woah, that’s nice man!

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