What Does IP Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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The term IP has a lot of meanings, especially in the gaming community. So what is the official meaning of the acronym? We’ll let you in on what we know! We searched through all the meanings and came back with the most relevant. 

What does IP Mean in Gaming?

Today, IP means “Intellectual Property”. You’ll hear game developers use this term and you’ll see it on game covers. IP is important so games won’t be pirated and sold for cheaper prices. Therefore, when you see IP in the games you play, it means its protected, and any attempt to steal the game will be dealt accordingly. 

Alternative Meanings

IP also means “Influence Points” which you can earn while playing a game. This term is popularly used in one of the most sought-after games today, League of Legends.

Examples of IP in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Sam –Did you see if there is an IP on this game?
  • Tim – Of course there is!

Example 2

  • Scott – How many IPs did you get?
  • Mitch– Let me check.

Example 3

  • Rey – I heard he illegally downloaded a game.
  • Dennis – Woah, games have IPs. Hope he won’t get in trouble.

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