What Does JRPG Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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We know you have plenty of gaming slang to learn, so we’ll give you the definition of JRPG. You can find it below, together with a few examples of how it’s used in a sentence. This way, you can understand it better!

What does JRPG Mean in Gaming?

JRPG stands for “Japanese Role Playing Games.” These games have distinct features that stands out and has a huge difference compared to Western RPGs. Since Japan is one of the most highly advanced countries when it comes to technology, you can expect only the best from them.

Alternative Meanings

JRPG only means “Japanese Role Playing Games.”

Examples of JRPG in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Kevin – Nice game! What genre is that? Looks new to me.
  • Alice – It’s JRPG. It’s quite different but really nice!

Example 2

  • Jaymie – Have you ever played JRPG?
  • Lennon – I don’t think I’ve played.

Example 3

  • Devvy – You want to try JRPG? I bought a new game!
  • Damien – Yes! Let’ play, I’m so excited!

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