What Does Kekw Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Plenty of gaming slang should be learned if you want to catch up with the latest trends in the gaming community. So, we gathered the meaning of Kekw and how you could use this in a sentence to show how you feel in a situation.

What does Kekw Mean in Gaming?

You’ll often see Kekw on Twitch, where it is used to let everyone know you are laughing or thought a comment or a meme is funny. Kekw is accompanied by a picture of a Spanish man, El Risitas, laughing hard. The image was so funny, it became the embodiment of the term. Kekw has been around since 2020.

Alternative Meanings

The term Kekw is only used to describe laughter.

Examples of Kewk in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Streamer X – Dude, have you seen this meme? lol
  • Steamer Y – That’s so funny. Dude! Kewk

Example 2

  • Friend C – Stop that, it’s too much! Kewk
  • Friend D – Lol, I know you love a good meme.

Example 3

  • Carmi – You play weird. Kewk.

Mitch – I do not!

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