What Does Kodak Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

The older people might remember Kodak as the giant camera company that became obsolete. But when used in rap, it becomes slang for several things. Read more to find out!

When you say Kodak to something or someone, you insult them. Kodak may mean something old-fashioned or obsolete like the Kodak company itself. 

“Your prof is a Kodak. You won’t learn anything.”

Kodak may also refer to Kodak Black, a new mysterious rapper with a solid following. This young rapper has mystified many with his rapping style, dance moves, and troubling youth.

“I heard Kodak got arrested yesterday!”

Lastly, Kodak may also refer to the notorious dance performed by Kodak Black in all of his music videos.

“The Kodak is getting old. He should try something new in his MVs.”

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