What Does Lit Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Are you curious to know what Lit means in gaming? If you are, we have the definition of lit below. You can learn the meaning together with sample sentences to help you understand the slang more!

What does Lit Mean in Gaming?

The gaming slang “lit” means that a character is low in energy or life. This means that the opponent has caused serious damage to a character that could lead to death and ultimately defeat.

Alternative Meanings

Lit has no other meaning in the gaming community.

Examples of Lit in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Rowan – I’m lit. I received too much damage.
  • Brad – Oh, no. Go back to base now!

Example 2

  • Regie – His damage skill is strong.
  • Atlas – Yup. You’re lit now.

Example 3

  • Frankie – Ooh, you definitely lit him.
  • Steve – Now we can attack the boss. Let’s go!

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