What Does Mean Gangsta Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Gangsta comes from the corruption of the word “Gangster.” Its popularity was through the roof during the 1980s and 1990s. It still is very popular to this day, especially with rappers. How do you use it and what does it mean in rap?

The slang term could mean two things:

  • First, the original meaning of the term is an actual violent and crazed member of a gang that should not be taken lightly. You mess with a gangsta, you might end up hurt. It may be used like:
    • “Tupac was gangsta way before he became a rapping superstar.”

Gangsta may also be used to describe something or someone cool, legit, or “badass.” It is often used in casual conversations where something wild or someone did something in a fearless manner

    • “You were gangsta back there. You stood up for the rest of us”

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