What Does Mean Underground Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Underground is one of those rap slang words that gets thrown around often. What does it truly mean and how do you use it, especially in rap?

Based on our research there are 3 meanings behind the term underground, here they are:

  • Firstly, you may use it to describe the indie scene of rap. Mainstream rap is the popular segment of rap where almost everyone is recognizable. The underground is the somewhat unpopular side of rap where almost everyone starts. 
    • “While mainstream rap dominate the surface, the underground or indie have some gold”
  • If you do not have any record contract, you might describe yourself as underground
    • “I’m still underground but my talent is topnotch.”
  • Lastly, you might use underground for rap singles, demos, or albums that are uncut, raw, and pure. 
    • “Eminem’s legendary safe has some underground stuff that I’d like to listen to using my ears.”

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