What Does Micro Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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When you hear the word micro, you must be thinking about something very small, and you are right. But in the gaming community, micro has a more specific meaning. Therefore, learn the definition of micro below.

What does Micro Mean in Gaming?

When a gamer says he’s good at micro, it means he or she has the ability to control multiple units at the same time. Games like Warcraft require gamers to be good at micro-management to have the best experience.

Alternative Meanings

  • Micro does not have alternative meanings.

Examples of Micro in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Ken – You’re good at micro. We need someone like you.
  • Merloth – Are you asking me to join your guild? Wow!

Example 2

  • Froi – Micro is very important. It’s a skill worth perfecting.
  • Shane – That’s true. Have you perfected yours?

Example 3

  • Sandy – Join us. We need an expert in micro.
  • Mitch – Wow, sure, thanks!

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