What Does MMR Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Have you heard MMR in the gaming community and want to know what it means? Well, we have the meaning for you below. We listed a few examples as well, to help you understand how the term is used in a sentence.

What does MMR Mean in Gaming?

MMR means “Matchmaking Ranking”. MMR is a metric used to determine on which rank a gamer should be placed. Most games have MMR and players of the same level of skills are ranked together to play fair.

Alternative Meanings

Matchmaking Ranking is the only meaning of MMR.

Examples of MMR in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Liam – My MMR is low so we won’t be able to play together.
  • Olivia – That’s fine. I’ll help you rank up.

Example 2

  • Frank – Let’s rank up together.
  • Elijah – You’ll have to wait till I reach your MMR.

Example 3

  • Ava – I need to raise my MMR in a week because I want to join a competition.
  • Charlotte – Join my team, we’ll help you rank up.

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