What Does Monkas Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

If you have seen or heard the term “monkas “ but don’t know what it means, then you can count on us to give you the definition of the term. You can read all about this term below and we added a few examples for you!

What does Monkas Mean in Gaming?

Monkas is an emoticon that depicts anxiety. The image is of a funny-looking frog that is sweating because he is having an anxiety attack. This is primarily used in Twitch, especially when a streamer will be starting a live stream. 

Alternative Meanings

Monkas only mean one thing and it’s what is discussed above.

Examples of Monkas in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • George – This is my first time streaming my game. *monkas*
  • Joe – Don’t be nervous! You’ll do great!

Example 2

  • Sally – Great stream! We’d love to see you again.
  • Debra – *monkas* I was nervous the whole time!

Example 3

  • Clark – Oh, no! We’re about to enter the tournament! *monkas*

Sam – Don’t get too worked up. We can do this!

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