What Does NA Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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The term NA in gaming has many definitions, but we’ll stick with the most popular meaning in the community. We have the definition of NA below and a few examples so you won’t get confused when you’re using the slang. 

What does NA Mean in Gaming?

NA stands for “Not Active.” A player who is NA has not played for a while and sometimes, the game will give out a warning to these players. NA could also be the status of a player to inform others that the player is not playing. This way, he won’t get invites to play a game.

Alternative Meanings

NA could also mean:

  • North America – location of a player.
  • Not Available 

Examples of NA in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Nelly – I’ll be in NA for a few days.
  • Frank –Okay. Let’s play a round once you’re back.

Example 2

  • Benny – Hey, let’s join the tournament.
  • Jason – Are you sure? You’ve been NA most of the month.

Example 3

  • Jerry – Glad to be back. What’s the new update?
  • Kevin – Hey, man. I see you’re back from being NA.

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