What Does o7 Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Did you find another confusing term on the internet today? Are you shy to ask the online community what it is? Therefore, come to us for answers! Let’s find out what the symbol o7 means in the gaming world.

What does o7 Mean in Gaming?

The emoticon or symbol o7 is a representation of a salute in the gaming community. The “o” is the head or face while the “7” is the arm that salutes. When you see this symbol on the internet, it means someone is acknowledging you or saluting you for a good game. Instead of typing “I salute you”, most gamers use this emoticon. 

Alternative Meanings

The emoticon o7 is unique to this situation, so there is no alternative meaning for this.

Examples of o7 in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Mike – Hey, great game! Let’s play again.
  • Reg – Great moves, bro! o7

Example 2

  • Team A – Nice match. o7
  • Team B – Another round?

Example 3

  • Jamie – o7 
  • Kelly – Thanks! o7

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