What Does OD Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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OD can mean a lot of stuff, but in the gaming community, OD is different. So, we’re here to explain what OD is and how you can use the acronym in the sentence. This way, you won’t get confused if a plate uses this term next time.

What does OD Mean in Gaming?

OD is commonly known as “overdose”. Even in the gaming world, OD is “overdose”, but in a different context. When a gamer is OD, he or she is overplaying or overpowering a game. This is also used to describe top gamers in an online game.

Alternative Meanings

OD can also mean:

Over Doing It – taking a game a little too seriously that a gamer seems like he or she is overdoing it.

Examples of OD in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Sammy – You could be an OD with your skills.
  • AJ – Awe, thanks!

Example 2

  • Belle – You don’t always have to OD it. Give other teammates a chance. 
  • Margaux – Sorry, I’m very competitive.

Example 3

  • Friend A – I don’t want to play with him. He’s always OD.
  • Friend B – Come on, he doesn’t have any other friends.

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