What Does Pleb Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Has someone called you a pleb? If you do not know what it means, we have listed the meaning of pleb below. Find out what it means and how people use it in a sentence.

What does Pleb Mean in Gaming?

Pleb is derogatory slang for gamers who are inexperienced or first-timers in a specific game. This is a form of insult used when a gamer is hyped while playing and is discouraging the opponent. 

Alternative Meanings

  • This term is also used as an insult to someone who does not have the latest version of a game.

Examples of Pleb in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Marie – You play like a pleb! You’re gonna lose!
  • Chris – You’re just a sour loser!

Example 2

  • Dennis – You won’t win. You’re a pleb!
  • Misha – Just watch and see!

Example 3

  • Kim – Funny how you’re so bad at this game.
  • Riley – Are you implying that I’m a pleb?!

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