What Does PTS Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Have you seen the acronym PTS in the gaming world? If you already have and you have no idea what it means, we’ll help you out! We have the definition of PTS below, so let’s learn this slang together.

What does PTS Mean in Gaming?

PTS means “Public Test Server”. This term is used to describe a situation where the public tests a new game update or server before the actual release. This way, the update may be adjusted accordingly. 

Alternative Meanings

PTS could also mean the following:

  • Player Tracking System
  • Abbreviation for Points

Examples of PTS in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Mark – Have you tried the PTS of this game?
  • Kyla – Not yet, but I’ve read good reviews.

Example 2

  • Benedict – There’s a new PTS launching today.
  • Sophia – Really? Let’s try it!

Example 3

  • Justin – How was the PTS experience?
  • Nicole – There were glitches so adjustments need to be made. 


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