What Does Pull Up Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

The phrase “Pull Up” has a variety of uses. It might be the rap slang with the most meaning.  It has been used by Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and many more in their songs. 

Pull up might be used as a means to invite someone like:

“Pull up! We got some food and drinks for the whole gang.”

Pull up or Pulled may also mean that you have arrived at someplace. 

“We already pulled up by the driveway so you better have finished cleaning your room.”

Pull up may also be used as a threat. It can be used to ask a person for a place to fight but it primarily implies that you are ready to fight right now.

“Pull up! I will make your face eat the ground!”

Lastly, pull up is what happens when you replay a song from the start:

“Pull it up, man! This is my jam!”

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