What Does PWN Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Have you come across the term “pwn” while playing an online game? Are you confused about how people use this term while playing? Now, we’ll help you understand what it means. We provided the meaning for “pwn” below. 

What does PWN Mean in Gaming?

In online gaming communities, “pwn” is slang for “defeat”. When you get “pwned”, the other player slew your character or defeated you in a game. It is usually pronounced as “pow-n” or the word “own” with a “p” in front. So, the next time you defeat a player, you can use this to brag about your victory.

Alternative Meanings

In gaming, pwn only has one definition.

Examples of PWN in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Boy 1 – pwn!!!
  • Boy 2 – Whatever!

Example 2

  • Nash – Great game, bro. You pwned me!
  • Sam – Thanks, been practicing.

Example 3

  • Friend A – pwn! 
  • Friend B – Stop bragging!


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